A week from now I’ll be up among the skies on a plane to Beirut. I’m staying all of October and some of November to work on a project, so let me know if you’re around.
I have contributed some heartwarming photos from Lebanon to this fine publication. 
"Issue 05—The Possibility of Warming Our Hearts
We’ve been busy working on an issue that we hope will warm the deepest corners of your heart. We think that the world needs a good dose of positive energy right now, and this issue is our little contribution.You can find it on newsstands in Beirut starting today and throughout our network of international bookshops in the coming few days. You can also order your copy from Magpile.com and we will ship it to you wherever you are in the world.”
The Outpost - A Magazine of Possibilities
Second sneak peek of my recent work from Egypt. This is Mayetta, one of the twelve Egyptian women, I’ve talked to about the challenges and opportunities in the changing North Africa. When asking her about her relationship to Egypt, she answered 
“For a period of three/four years, Egypt has been going through a political roller coaster as if it has never had a government before, as if the country is beginning to feel its way through a system for the first time. But it has lost a lot, and still is. It’s losing its energetic innovative youth, so many are moving out of the country, but those who chose to stay, it won’t be long before they decide that Egypt will never be theirs.”
Egypt’s Kangaroo Courts - Al Monitor
Last year I had the pleasure of working with the lovely Xandra Van Der Eijk, the founder of site I Wait Here, on shooting some of the beautiful pieces she’s selling. Today is her birthday, and she’s celebrating with a give-away. How sweet she is! 
Take a peek here, if you want some of the goods. 
I Wait Here - Facebook
Tas-Ka Cusions Felt
My contribution to today’s #MissC41 Pop-Up Exhibition

Mie Brinkmann, 2014
Together with some friends from school I’m hosting a small pop-up exhibition to honor our beloved developing machine, who’ve developed thousands of our films through the years. Read more about the event here http://on.fb.me/1nNPCdq.
The photograph above is a submission by Camilla Rønde. She writes the following text about #MissC41
"I must admit, I was a bit skeptical at first. For a few years I had trusted my frames to an older version of you and had no urge to change my habits. But still you managed to lure my in. With your efficiency and gentle sounds I soon grew fund of you and miss you to this date, even though we never got to know each other that well.This photo is the very first frame you developed for me. I remember the wait, while you carefully led your chemistry work it’s magic. A few days earlier my mom had handed me her childhood camera, an Agfa Box. A squared camera with a few knobs, covered in green and white paint. It didn’t look like it was able to produce any photos, but it did. And boy, was I grateful for our friendship that day.
Ps. I have forgiven the time you lost my 36 frames of cherished work.” 

Camilla Rønde, 2010
First sneak peek of my recent work from Egypt. This is Alyaa, one of the twelve Egyptian women, I’ve talked to about the challenges and opportunities in the changing North Africa. She’s an incredibly talented rapper (one of the few female rappers in Egypt). You can listen to some of her work here. 
Alyaa For Rap - Facebook
International Observers Find Egypt’s Presidential Election Fell Short - NY Times
Sofie was so kind to shoot some behind the scenes photographs from my recent work on the west coast of Denmark. 
Khalas. That was it for now, I’m heading home. From now on you can catch me only at my Danish number.
You can see the last part of my diary on here.
Instagram - Mie Brinkmann 
Frauke and I was awarded gold in the open class web feature over 400.000 readers by the Danish Media Association. You can still see, read and listen to our work from a Danish brothel at bordellet.politiken.dk. 
Årets Webavis over 400.000 - Danske Medier
Bordellet, en arbejdsplads i Danmark - Politiken
What D. said

“In the forthcoming edition, however, Serafini now states that a stray white cat that joined him while he created the Codex in Rome in the 1970s was actually the real author, telepathically guiding Serafini as he drew and wrote.”
Best. Book. Ever.
(via Dangerous Minds)
Egypt is definitely not as scary as the Danish Foreign Ministry wants us to believe. Just look at these guys, aren’t they adorable.
You can still follow my visual diary from Egypt at instagram.com/miebrinkmann.
My work from the Syrian gathering Al Waha in French Elle Magazine.
The number of registered Syrian refugees in Lebanon reached 1 million in April, and the UNCHR estimate at least half a million more refugees present in the country. Please support the Danish Refugee Council, which is one of the organizations working with the refugees in Lebanon. 
A few outtakes from my first week in Egypt. Follow here for more.
Well arrived under Cairo clouds. Call +20 01004128744 for coffee dates, and follow here for updates.